Which bike, which issue?

Honda XL250 Adventure

Words and photos by Paul Saunders


I’ve only recently discovered your magazine (more like a reference book actually!!) and really enjoy every edition. I agree with your comments in the last issue – we all ride and love bikes, and the brand isn’t really that important – if we all loved one particular model it would be a bloody dull world!

Anyway, I presently own a BM GS Adventure, but for many years rode an XL250 in South Africa, the UK and rode one when I traveled overland from the UK to Australia in the mid ‘70s.

I still have a very soft spot for this bike and am presently restoring one I bought on eBay.

I’ve enclosed some XL photos from South Africa and on the way to Aussie.

Paul Saunders.

Afghani Desert. Click to view larger.

Afghani Desert

Austrian Alps. Click to view larger.

Austrian Alps

Click to view larger.

Cedarberg Mountains, South Africa

Valuable items like this sticker-covered parts washer were handled with care.Click to view larger.

Cedarberg Mountains, South Africa